About the PC Master Race and the PC Gaming Community

When most people hear the words Pc Master race, they picture something like this :

Pc master race “flag”

However, that is not what it is. We do not judge you for playing on consoles. You are part of the Gaming community. We welcome you into the gaming community. We judge the console gaming community because they are worse consumers and decision makers. If you have fun on a console, then great, more power to you. However, there are several reasons why you should leave the console community and join the pc master race. We will be debunking some of the arguments that the console community throws at us at a regular basis.


Argument No.1 : Pc is way to expensive to get into.

This has been debunked so many times, but I keep hearing that argument. Pc is not exorbitantly expensive. I can put together a pc build for four hundred dollars that is in certified “console killer territory” :

Console Killer

This pc will play all games at medium settings and outperform consoles by a wide margin.


Argument No.2 : Consoles are plug and play

Please kill me now. Pc’s are easy to build (tutorial) and can be done in just two hours. While picking the parts may be daunting, it is actually very easy. Sites like PcPartPicker will tell you about any parts that are not compatible, and compute the price. You could also go the prebuilt route, although I do not recommend it (they are generally more expensive for less performance), but boutique PC manufacturers who will put together your pc with the desired parts will sometimes only charge 50 usd.  ALso, choosing your parts means you can custom tailor your PC to what you want it to do


Argument No.3 : Consoles are simply better than pc.

Really? Consoles can now use multiple input devices without having to pay for adapters? Consoles can use multiple monitors? You can choose the parts of your consoles and they are now upgradeable? Consoles are now productivity machines and can be used to do homework? You can now choose your OS on a console? You have thousands of games, and do not take games hostage (games that are taken hostage on a platform are exclusives) anymore? Consoles have more genres and not only First Person Shooters and Third Person Shooters with stealth elements. There are console strategy games? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR MULTIPLAYER ACCESS? That must be it, right? Oh, wait, it is just the more powerful graphics card than last years which PC has already beaten.


Argument No.4 : Uncharted! The Last of Us!

So now the refusal to let other platforms have a game is a selling point for your platform? It is now ethical to keep games from all platforms but one? Please, tell me more.


Argument No.5 : I want to play on a TV

Hook up a PC to your tv and connect a controller to your pc. Nothing more to be said.


Argument No.6 : Controllers

So yes, consoles have controllers, But they exist on PC too. As a plus, we can use other controllers, and are not locked in to use one controller (ahem, no ps4 controllers on Xbox One S)

You can use all of these controllers and more on the pc (with some adapters, but you can)

This is actually a pro for pc, as we have a wider selection of controllers.


Argument No. 7 : Resolution is just a number. So is FPS

It is not. Resolution is important. How would you like playing on a 720p screen at 30 fps? Oh wait, that is what you use. How about 480p at 5 fps. Would you still say that resolution is just a number? You would not even be able to see the crosshair on your third person shooter with stealth elements.


Argument No.8 : Graphics don’t matter.

Actually, if that were the case go play some pong, pac man, and other simple games and see how you like that.


All of this should have made you join the Glorious Pc Master Race, and leave behind your dirty console and its 720p rendering.

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  1. I think there is great things in both communities. Instead of leaving one. Maybe people should try both. What do you think?
    check out my bloghttps://alexiscgms23.edublogs.org/wp-admin/edit.php

    1. This is mostly aimed towards people who only want to be part of one community, and also why they are wrong for choosing it. If they have fun on their consoles, all the better for them.

  2. Great job being a hater No just kidding, but still, why do you have to hate on consoles, as one of your arguments rebutted, consoles are plug and play, and you say that it takes two hours to set up a computer, not counting buying and choosing the pieces, and this is not what console players want. Some people don’t want to or can’t dedicate hours to a computer, and they just want to play bit, have some fun, not fuss about resolution or graphics (which by the way, aren’t as important as you say, and yes, 480p at 5fps is not the same as 1080p at 60fps, but you should enjoy a game by it’s story and gameplay, not it’s graphics). What I am saying is that PC and consoles are two different gaming technologies, you can’t really compare them, because that is like comparing a potato and a carrot, both are in the same category, but both have different functions, different audiences, and different experiences. I myself play both, and I enjoy both, just because one platform doesn’t suit your fancy doesn’t mean it’s bad, so once again, stop hating and start accepting.

    From a person who respects all

    1. Fair point. I did forget to include that there are boutique pc builders and prebuilts that get rid of the need to choose parts and build it altogether. Also, I was saying that resolution is NOT just a number, not that it is the most important thing.

    1. I would recommend Windows 10, however, you should see some tutorials on the internet to disable all the “security” features that let them spy on you.

  3. As a proud member of the PCMR community, I can say that this post is VERY accurate and basically hits all of the main points of what it means to be PCMR. I’ve recently been seeing nothing but pro console blogs so this is like a breath of fresh air to me, thank you. After reading through your post I do have two questions though, what are your specs and do you have a picture of your battlestation? Oh, and if you’re a bit curious, i5 4690k @4.4ghz (watercooled), GTX 960 SC (Planning on upgrading to 1070), & 16gb DDR3.
    You can visit my blog at https://2022rbdd.edublogs.org

    May your framerates be high, and your temperatures low.

    1. Greetings and Salutations, my friend! If you are looking for a great you tube channel, check out Top hats and Champagne. He takes console peasants and destroys their arguments (it is amazing). This christmas I will get a pretty budget pc, but I might (if I get good grades) get a pc with a gtx 1080, an htc vive, and a triple monitor setup. However, my current computer is broken and in the scrap yard.

      May your frame rates be high and your temperature low. BTW, what budget cooler for am3+ do you reccomend

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