Subjects that should be taught in school

I think that all sorts of tech subjects should be taught in school, in different classes. There should be a class for programming, hardware, 3D design, Web design, mechanical design, and Digital Citizenship. These are all very important to the world of tomorrow. Programming will be the most important thing soon because everything is now automated and done by robots. However, right now (and probably in the near future) robots can not program robots. Building things is also very important, as we need people to construct the robots that construct other robots (inception). 3D design is very important, as that is another thing that robots can not do right now. It is also crucial if you wish to get a job in the tech industry, such as video games and manufacturing, as well as product design. Hell, even IKEA uses it for their product images (75% is CGI). Web design is also very important, as it is an art form and used to make the stunning websites. This is not only coding, as it requires an understanding of art, composition, and what colors go well together. Mechanical design is very important because that is what makes the world around us. If suddenly there were no more engineers, this world would collapse. At last, digital citizenship is very important because here we learn all the things about the internet. These are the classes that should be taught in school to prepare children for the new technology revolution.

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